Consistency level

Hi every one,

1-What does this command do?
-consistency 'any|one|-consistency ‘any|one|quorum|all’all’

I read about compaction level but as far as know it is automatically ! am i correct?

what is different between "any"and “all”?
and how about quorum?

2-why when i use “settings” command , username value is blank?

Setting Value

Host localhost:8086
Pretty false
Format column
Write Consistency all



  1. That setting is specifically for clustered setups and has no meaning for a single node deployment (DOCS).

  2. To make the Username section be non blank you need to start the influx cli with the -username and -password options. The Database section will fill in if you start the cli with the -database directive or you use mydb.

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@jackzampolin Thank you Jack :wink: