Connection using non existent user is possible

Hi, I am using the docker image influxdb:1.8 and I want to connect to my influx database from within another container. I figured out how to do it without too much looking around. However, I noticed I was able to connect to my database (and even query data !) no matter which username or password I used.

My experiment was to connect to Influx using an InfluxDBClient and some random username and password. Not only did it work, but printing client_variable._username or client_variable._password worked as well. However, the revoke_admin_privileges method raised “InfluxDBClientError: user not found”.

Why isn’t this error raised when I initiate the client object ?

In order to better understand, I connected to the influx container and started influx locally. There, the “show users” command returned no known user, which also surprised me because in my docker-compose.yml file I specified a username and a password that I wanted to use.

Any thoughts on all this ?