Connecting Influx2.4 with AWS Glue

Hey all! Wondering if anybody has some experience what the best way is to ETL data from Influx2 to my AWS S3 Data lake. I have been looking for influx2 jdbc connectors (I have used these for PG) but can’t seem to be able to find any. Would it be better to write my own custom db connector for glue, or just write custom spark scripts that ETL for me? Any connector in the AWS Marketplace that might be helpful for me?

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated

Hello @dpintionerman
Welcome! JDBC driver for InfluxDB Cloud is currently under development. But since you’re using OSS I think your best course is to write custom spark scripts.
I can’t think of any AWS connectors that would be particularly useful to you.

This might be useful

If you do decide to ever use InfluxDB Cloud, there will be JDBC drivers and there is currenlty the ability to query data with arrow.