Configuring Telegraf Kafka input SSL

For my docker service (telegraf based) Kafka subscriber,
I have the root CAs published by AWS for tls_ca and have used AWS ACM_PCA signed client cert.pem and client privatekey.pem.

tls_ca = “AWSpublicCAroot.pem”
tls_cert = “signed-pca-cert.pem”
tls_key = “client-private-key.pem”

Error I get
2021-05-26T15:45:05Z E! [telegraf] Error running agent: could not initialize input inputs.kafka_consumer: could not load keypair /etc/telegraf/signed-pca-cert.pem:/etc/telegraf/client-private-key.pem: tls: failed to parse private key

But I do have generated my signed cert and key with a client password.
So is there way to set client password for TLS_config for properly loading the client key and parse it.

Looks there was a similar issue reported here: and that is most likely had something to do with the private key itself. Just to clarify, are you having an issue with the private-key.pem because it is encrypted with another password and you are looking for a way to pass that to Telegraf?

Are you using the latest version of Telegraf as well?