Configure grafana with influx db iox and influxQL


We suffered the data loss in the region europe-west1 and had to re-open a new influxdb account in another region. The new account uses Influxdb IOx (3.0).

As we are using grafana to visualize our data, we could authenticate and perform queries using Flux.

But we have old queries which are still written in InfluxQL, but we are not able to configure the data source to authenticate and run queries: we ave a 401 error with a weird message saying that the database is not found: database not found: <name of the database> error reading influxDB

Duckduckgo-ing and googl-ing does not help to find documentation on how to configure grafana 9.x with InfluxDB IOx using InfluxQL.

So, my questions are:

  • is it possible to configure grafana with InfluxDB IOx using InfluxQL ?
  • if yes, where is the doc ?

Thank you!

I do not think InfluxQL is supported. I have set up InfluxDB IOx and used Grafana (with Flux queries) to do the querying & visualizing.

I think @Jay_Clifford posted somewhere that InfluxDB may be able to open up a non-IOx version of InfluxDB in the cloud. Maybe check with hin.

Thanks. I think we will rewrote the queries in Flux on with the new language (but we are still missing the DIFFERENCE function that was implemented 3 weeks ago.

Hi all,
Sorry just getting to this. So you can use InfluxQL with the V1 Bridge with Grafana: The Rebirth of InfluxQL in 3.0: A Quick Start Guide to Configuration and Usage | InfluxData

Let me know if you have any troubles.