Configuration for Kapacitor running on AWS instance, connected to influxcloud

Hi guys,
Did anyone come up with a working Kapacitor configuration for the case where Kapacitor runs on an AWS instance and Influx is running on influxcloud? Could you share a generic version of it?

@gonber You just need to set the [[influxdb]] urls = ["https://my-cloud-url:8086"] to point your self hosted kapacitor at the database. There should be no issues with this configuration. Are you having trouble connecting to your cloud instance?

Thanks @jackzampolin. For future reference, adding to your info:

  • set “kapacitor-hostname” to your visible AWS instance IP address
  • make sure the AWS instance you’re running Kapacitor on is assigned a security group with an inbound rule that looks like "custom tcp rule, tcp, 9090, /32
  • don’t forget the url (as mentioned by @jackzampolin) should be ‘https’ and not ‘http’
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