Kapacitor InfluxDB connection


Hey all, is there any command to check that Kapacitor is connected to InfluxDB?? also if there is a successfull connection between InfluxDB and Kapacitor does kapacitor generate a Database in Influxdb ??



I’m waiting for the answer too.
My kapacitor.conf looks like this and I was expecting _kapacitor database would be created in influxdb but it didn’t :-
hostname = “localhost”

Emit internal statistics about Kapacitor.

enabled = true
stats-interval = "10s"
database = "_kapacitor"
retention-policy= “autogen”


Connect to an InfluxDB cluster

Kapacitor can subscribe, query and write to this cluster.

Using InfluxDB is not required and can be disabled.

enabled = true
default = true
name = "localhost"
urls = [“http://localhost:8086”]
username = ""
password = ""
timeout = 0


I dont think it should be creating a database, but can you do show subscriptions in your influx, or you can check with kapacitor stats ingress .
I was able to make succesful connection with telegraf, influxdb, grafana and kapacitor !!! :slight_smile: so just trying to help out if i can .

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You are going to need to manually create the database in Influx


Thank you guys.
On Mac- I created the database _kapacitor in influxdb and that started pushing kapacitor’s metrics to it.
Same I did on Centos- no luck