Compiling InfluxDB (Jaeger Problems - And No, Not Giant Robots)

I’m trying to compile InfluxDB 1.7 from source, but I’m having issues doing so.

When I call ‘get’, it’s choking on jaeger-lib v1.5.0+incompatible. It attempts to find it, tries to find it again, then simply fails without an error message.

If I remove the line from go.mod, I get errors. If I upgrade it to the latest version, there are compatibility problems (they broke the Jaeger API between v1.x and v2.x, and it looks like InfluxDB has been slow to respond).

Has anyone else had issues along this line?

I’m trying to build a version of InfluxDB to make a relatively major change to hopefully make it suitable as a replacement for industrial historians.

What version of Go are you using?

The latest from Google - 1.13.4

There’s an error in my original post - I’m trying to compile the latest version of 2.0, not 1.7. I’m not sure how to acquire the old version using GO.

I’ve since reverted to pulling v1.7.9 of InfluxDB from git on another machine and it is compiling correctly. But the problem continues on the 2.x version picked up from ‘go get’.

Good to know. I’ll check with the team and see if there’s a known issue with the latest 2.x release

It seems like there were some issues with building using Go 1.13. Some folks had to revert to 1.12

Ahh, OK.

I’m hacking at the source code to see if there is anything I can do about the ‘boundary problem’ with Influx.