Compare two data set using Tags

Hi Team,

I’m new to InfluxDb, and I’m using Influxdb 1.8 to store my test results. For every test, I added a unique id as a tag name. With the help of the tag, is it possible to compare the two data sets?

Hello @gerardJ,
Yes with InfluxDB v1 you can compare across tags.

Out of curiosity why are you electing to use 1.x instead of 2.x? Also what’s your interest in InfluxDB? I like to learn about what users are doing. :slight_smile:


The K6 performance test tool straight away supports Influxdb 1.x to push metrics, if we go for 2.x version then I need to build my custom k6 binary. That is the main reason I’m using 1.x.

The challenge I’m facing currently. For each test run, I’m sending a unique id as a tag for the test, therefore I want to compare the data (Ex: response time for a request) between those runs. The challenge was how to strip timestamps and plot the data on a graph.

Guide me if I going on the wrong direction.

What kind of graph are you trying to make? Do you not want the X-axis to be time based?

All my tests run for 1 hr, therefore I want to overlap or compare different test runs on the same graph like on the Time series graph or something else I can use it.