Collecting SMTP in Telegraph 0n Windows 10 Pro Computer

Newb Here!

I have influxDB and Grafana running on a small Windows 10 Pro server. It is gathering data from my SmartThings Hub and I can happily produce Graphs so I know it’s all working.

My Next step is to add SNMP data from my Router, NaS Drive and PC Server to give me a complete picture.

I started with my Synology NaS Drive as I found what I think is a package solution which will aid my learning curve.

The package is here: GitHub - jperillo/Synology_dashboard_grafana: A grafana dashboard for monitoring Synology NAS

I have got Telegraf up and running and am pretty sure it’s working as it created the Influx Database as specified.

I have enabled SNMP on my Synology NaS.

I have built the Telegraph config as Instructed. and rebooted Telegraf

However, it doesn’t collect any data. Looking at the logs in Telegraf input, not Output seems to be at fault. It keeps adding these line to the Error Log:

2019-01-22T07:32:00Z E! [inputs.snmp]: Error in plugin: initializing table : translating: exec: "snmptranslate": executable file not found in %PATH%

I suspect I need to install the SMNP plugin but can find no info about how to do this in a windows environment.

Also unsure about where to put the MIB director currently its at:

C:\Program Files\Telegraf\usr\share\snmp\mibs

Any help appreciated please!

After another day of reading. I am pretty sure I need to add “smtp.go” to my Telegraf. But do I have to recompile it (Can I even do this in Windows environment! ) or just put the file somewhere!

Information about how to do this is pretty hard to find!

You need to install net-snmp, in particular you need snmptranslate.exe and snmptable.exe in Telegraf’s PATH. The net-snmp project only distributes source, so you might look into one of the options suggested on

OK Thanks Daniel.

I will have a read and see if I can follow it through.