Collecting and Storing metrics from collectors deployed in highly available fashion

Does InfluxDB support collecting metrics from telegraph agents and/or Open Telemetry Collectors that are highly available and collecting redundant metrics from services?
I couldn’t find any documentation on this pattern, would appreciate it if someone could point to handy material on such deployments.
How are such metrics stored and how to configure such policies?


Hello @tejaswiniVadlamudi,
If you have a truly redundant metric (same timestamp) then it will automatically be overwritten.
You can use global_tags in telegraf to differentiate from different plugins if you need if you’re worried about collecting redundant metrics.
Does that help?

Hello @Anaisdg
Many thanks for the answer!
I don’t want InfluxDB to de-duplicate the data sent from multiple instances instead of overwriting, it that possible today with any handy plugin or solution?