CLI v2.2: invalid escape character 'i'

I’m new to InfluxDB and have v2.1 OSS installed on a Windows 10 box along with v2.2.0 of the CLI. I have the database up and running and have been able to add and discover data using the Data Explorer in the UI. I am now trying to use the CLI, but I keep getting the following error.

command: influx config create --config-name name.conf --host-url http://localhost:8086 --org org_name --token my_user_token --active
Error: Near line 0 (last key parsed ‘’): invalid escape character ‘i’; only the following escape characters are allowed: \b, \t, \n, \f, \r, ", \, \uXXXX, and \UXXXXXXXX

I’m following (I think) the format as laid out in the documentation. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

Hi, I am also facing the same issue but getting error as "invalid escape character ‘V’ " Could someone help?