Cisco MDT Telemetry Input Plugin max_msg_size

Does the max_msg_size have a hard limit for setting the size? I have the current config

Telegraf: 1.26.1
Running in Docker: 23.0.1, build a5ee5b1
Ubuntu: 22.04

Setting this to 5000000000 we are still getting errors that the msg header size it too large with values lower than it.

2023-05-11T14:03:58Z E! [inputs.cisco_telemetry_mdt] Error in plugin: failed to decode: proto: cannot parse invalid wire-format data
2023-05-11T14:03:58Z E! [inputs.cisco_telemetry_mdt] Error in plugin: dialout packet too long: 1651402591
#  ## Telemetry transport can be "tcp" or "grpc".  TLS is only supported when
#  ## using the grpc transport.
transport = "tcp"
max_msg_size = 5000000000
include_delete_field = true
#  ## Address and port to host telemetry listener
service_address = ":57590"
    model = "XR"

Solved. The max_msg_size is set to uint32 which has a max of 4294967295. When setting msg size higher than this causing run over in the golang. So in this case setting max_msg_size to 5000000000 causes it to roll over to 705032704

5000000000 - 4294967295 = 705032704

2023-05-12T14:15:07Z D! [inputs.cisco_telemetry_mdt] maxMsgSize: 1048576
2023-05-12T14:15:07Z D! [inputs.cisco_telemetry_mdt] MAX MSG SIZE: 705032704
2023-05-12T14:15:07Z D! [inputs.cisco_telemetry_mdt] maxMsgSize after if: 705032704

@tylersiemers ,
Thank you for sharing. your solution with the community!!