Chronograf set to use local or set timezone?


We just now had an interesting user inflicted error in the team with timezones,
Our servers are reporting in gmt-0 and the server hosting chronograf is on gmt-0.
I however am on gmt+2 and one of my coworkers is on gmt+3 with most of management in gmt-7.

How do i set chronograf to use gmt-0 for all reporting?
Or when my team uses chronograf to figure out when something happened i want that reported in gmt-0 or local time.

Ubuntu 16.04 / Linux 4.4.0-77-generic
package installed is: chronograf/now 1.3.0-1 amd64 [installed,local]

(Many thanks and endless love to you also for making the TICK stack)

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@ljuvtliv Thank you for the love! That is not currently supported in Chronograf. If you could open an issue on Chronograf I know we would appreciate it!

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I will then for sure,
I was actually halfway through that before deciding it would be better to post here first.

Any recommendations or best practices with the title name for feature requests that the development team prefers?
(guidelines for bug reports are much more in depth than feature requests, maybe adding on thst will the second feature request i open hah)

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@ljuvtliv We don’t have any specific guidelines at the moment—thanks for checking though! I’d recommend linking back to this thread in the description and tagging it with the “feature request” label so it sticks out in the backlog.

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Has this problem been fixed?
We store data in influx from multiple different time zones across Asia.
When we use Chronograf to view the data, it seems to convert everything to the local timezone, assuming he stored data is in UTC.
Also the time format displayed in Chronograf is like: 08/24/17 11:00:00PM, which is not very useful.
I’d prefer to see rfc3339 precision, like: 2017-08-24T13:34:15.848439Z.
Is this configurable in Chronograf?

Unfortunately we’re forced to use Chronograf now that the Web Admin has been removed from influx version 1.3

Hey @tomjdaniel,

Would you open an issue in to support different time output formats?

@watts has been hard at work for options for our axes so this would fit right into that work.

As a workaround:

Install this add-on/extension for Chrome/Chromium

Install this add-on/extension for Firefox