Chronograf reverse proxy login

We are using Nginx reverse proxy for Chronograf login, though we have a valid access_token chronograf is unable to recognize. We are using 1.7.17 version. See Gmail and Github are giving session but our organization gives the access_token, So how to make chronograf understand the access token?

Hello @nareshm_399,
Welcome! Can you please share a little more information? What errors are you getting? What do you mean by make chronograf understand the access token? Thank you.

Hi @Anaisdg As first login happens in SSO proxy( oauth2 ) its keeping a access_token in cookie. Though reverse poxy login done Chronograf is asking for login again. is there a way for chronograf to understand access_token in cookies? seems like chronograf is expecting session but our org OAUTH2 gives access_token. our org has service ID and Service secret apart from client id and client_realm. service_id and secret is expected be sent as Authorize bearer token doing firing token info api. is this possible with chronograf?

Once I logged in using ssoproxy with my user credentials it was redirected to chronograf dashboard without the user details like the admin login, usually it should come up with the admin login.

Any update on this? Please post reply as soon as possible.