Chronograf error : Unable to create source:Error contacting source

I am just trying out Chronograf (version on Windows 10 Pro for the first time.
I have followed the “Getting started” to set up Telegraf (v1.5.0), influxDB (v1.4.2)
and chronograf (V1.4.0.0) all on the same PC (Windows 10 Pro).
When I go to the URL http://localhost:8888 to access Chronograf and try to add a New Source - I am getting error “Unable to create source:Error contacting source .”
Also every time I try to press +Add Source button - I also get a antivirus popup warning ( Symantec Endpoint Protection[SID:24008] System Infected:Rokas Botnet Activity deteced).

Any help would be appreciated.

Typically the “Unable to create/contact source” error comes if InfluxDB is not actually running yet. From your error message – and I’m not a Windows 10 expert by any stretch – it sounds as if InfluxDB was never successfully started as a service. The second error could be because your anti-virus software is preventing InfluxDB from running, or else it thinks the connection to either port 8888 (chronograf) or 8086 (InfluxDB) is an attempted connection from what it thinks is a botnet.

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