Can't see measurements list if non-admin user

Hi, if I connect to my data source using an “admin” account and go to the Data Explorer page, it shows me a list of databases, and I can click on one and it gives me a really handy view of the measurements (which you can click to see tags, etc.). Super handy…

However, if I connect to the data source with an account that only has READ privileges, it doesn’t do that. I can run queries just fine, but I don’t get that handy “tool” (see screenshot below)…

Is there a way to get this? Also, I can’t seem to get show measurements on staging (using the example below) to work.

Also, is there a way to default the retention policy so you don’t have to prepend all measurements with the database and policy names?

I think this might be related to a known issue with permissions; the show retention policies command requires the create database permission. This was not intended and we plan on relaxing this permission in the next enterprise release.

You can create a user and give them create database permissions and this should work but that probably defeats your intention with the read only user.

Thanks @ryan, can you tell me when that next enterprise version is expected to be released?

Also, is there a way to give a user just “CREATE DATABASE”? From what I can tell, you can only give read, write, or all.


We haven’t announced a release date for the next enterprise version.

The create database permission is part of the enterprise authorization feature (InfluxDB Enterprise Users | InfluxData Documentation Archive).

In OSS InfluxDB, the permission scheme is coarser, as you described. It looks like we’ll need to fix the read permission there (assuming I’ve correctly guessed the problem you’re having).

Right ok… I don’t have Enterprise, I’m on OSS… Should I file a bug for this to get the read permission changed in OSS? Or has that already been filed from this thread? Just want to make sure it’s tracked to the point that there will be a fix/change at some point that I could hopefully consume. Thanks for your help thus far!

I wrote An OSS read-only user should be able to list measurements on a database · Issue #8749 · influxdata/influxdb · GitHub

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