Can't overwrite some values


i use InfluxDB 2 and Grafana for my pv. This run very good.
Last night i get some very big numbers in one cell of grid import and export and so the long time evaluation fail.
I want to overwirte thees valus but this fail.

I want to overwritre the _value at time 2023-06-14 23:41:05.000Z but this fail.
The values befor and after i can right with my python code… but this big one not.

client = influxdb_client.InfluxDBClient(url=self.url, token=self.token,
write_api = client.write_api(write_options=SYNCHRONOUS)

point = (
                .field("grid_imp", 55)
                .field("grid_exp", 55)
write_api.write(bucket=self.bucket,, record=point,

What is the problem here. Hope someone can help me.
Have a nice day


Hello @martin2day,
Is this problem still persisting?
I’m wondering if it was a bug in the UI and not so much actually writing the point.
Did you try querying with the client instead of just viewing in the UI?
I’m hoping after some time it resolved.


yes the problem is still there.
I write some new points and here i can see a diffrent in time between the input in python and the viewing in the Gui… the diffrent is 02:00:05… i write a point at 20:00:00… and in GUI it is shown on 22:00:05… in a graph…

I than change to an table and here i see the correct time values.
I can overwrite all vales except the big fault one?!

I try to read it next time. Now i have delete all data in this bucket from 2min befor to 2min after the failt. This was the only way to fix it yesterday.