Can't delete my InfluxDB Cloud account

Hi all,

I feel a bit embarassed to open a topic on this, but I didn’t find help anywhere else, so here we go.

A while a go, I signed up for influx cloud for some testing using my company email. Now, several months later we decided to use influx cloud in our company and therefore, we created a new account. However, now I can’t invite myself to join this new company account, because when I try to accept the invitation I get an error saying: “You are unable to accept this invitation. You may only belong to one organization at a time using the same email address.”

Now, I don’t need my old account anymore, but I didn’t find a way to delete it so that I can reregister and join my new company account. This is a bit disappointing… Any ideas?

Why not just contact influxdata support directly? This is a community forum. :smirk: