Cannot query converted field from a tag by itself


Need help.

I used [[processors.converter]] plugin to convert tag to field.
Tag = Core_Count now added as a field Core_Count_1.

But i cannot query Core_Count_1 by itself.
Following query does not return anything
SELECT “Core_Count_1” FROM “influxdb”.“autogen”.“Processor_2” WHERE time > :dashboardTime:
But below query works
SELECT * FROM “influxdb”.“autogen”.“Processor_2” WHERE time > :dashboardTime:

Hello @Ashish_Sikarwar,
Thanks for your question. Can you please share the outputs from your two queries? Also, can you please share a line protocol example of what your data looked like before using the plugin? Thanks.

Hello @Anaisdg,

Thank you for your response.

I have changed the measurement from Processor to Process.

Processes_Core_Count was added as a tag in telegraf config later converted to a field.

I could query it using Kapacitor tickscript see Output_1:


See column: Process_1.CPU_TIME is blank when queried in Chronograf

when queried with * it works

Queried in Grafana, same issue

see how it was once a tag and not since converted to a field showed up under fields

Line Protocol before using Processors.converter plugin:

> Process_1,Processes_Core_Count=8,host=A700459-W10,instance=LMS,objectname=Process Handle_Count=421,Percent_Processor_Time=0,Private_Bytes=6303744,Thread_Count=6,Virtual_Bytes=79503360,Working_Set=13185024 1578571319000000000
> Process_1,Processes_Core_Count=8,host=A700459-W10,instance=PelElvDm,objectname=Process Handle_Count=131,Percent_Processor_Time=0,Private_Bytes=1695744,Thread_Count=1,Virtual_Bytes=4402032640,Working_Set=6586368 1578571319000000000
> Process_1,Processes_Core_Count=8,host=A700459-W10,instance=RuntimeBroker,objectname=Process Handle_Count=466,Percent_Processor_Time=0,Private_Bytes=7933952,Thread_Count=7,Virtual_Bytes=2203528724480,Working_Set=31768576 1578571319000000000
> Process_1,Processes_Core_Count=8,host=A700459-W10,instance=notepad++,objectname=Process Handle_Count=286,Percent_Processor_Time=0,Private_Bytes=70451200,Thread_Count=4,Virtual_Bytes=4588154880,Working_Set=38051840 1578571319000000000


It seems to be a syntactical problem.

I am able to query after removing GROUP BY time($__interval) :smile:
SELECT “Percent_Processor_Time”/“Processes_Core_Count” As CPU_Time FROM “Process_1” WHERE (“instance” = ‘_Total’) AND $timeFilter