Can I use the Telegraf string (or similar) processor to convert ALL tags/fields KEYS (not values) to uppercase?


I have several logs that are sent into InfluxDB via Telegraf, but the headers in each log file are inconsistent - some are all lowercase, some are all uppercase, some are underscore-separated, some are space-separated, etc… I don’t want one measurement to have a field/tag called “id” and the other to have a field called “ID”.

For the underscore/space-separation issue, I believe I can just use the processors.strings.replace plugin?

measurement = “*”
old = “_”
new = " "

I was wondering if there was a way to convert ALL fields/tags to uppercase via the Telegraf processor plugins. I know that you can specify a specific field/tag to convert, but I have like 100+ fields/tags and I do not want to enter them all into the configuration file. If this can’t be done, I was thinking of just modifying the Telegraf input plugins that I am using to automatically convert all fields/tags to uppercase.


Edit: Oh nevermind…

Just had to use tag_key and field_key instead of tag/key, and = “*” for all

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