Cannot find influx_inspect

Am attempting to export some data and found a number of references to influx_inspect. Unfortunately I simply cannot find the command.

-bash: influx_inspect: command not found

Platform is a Raspberry Pi 3 model B. I want to rename some topics and about the only way that I have found is export/fix/import

I have downloaded and compiled the code from source but the influx_inspect folder is basically empty except for a buildtsi folder

env GO111MODULE=on CGO_LDFLAGS="$(cat .cgo_ldflags)" go build -tags ‘assets libflux’ -ldflags " -X main.commit=1f1b1c492" -o bin/linux/influx_inspect ./cmd/influx_inspect
can’t load package: package ./cmd/influx_inspect: no Go files in /home/pi/go/src/
make: *** [Makefile:87: bin/linux/influx_inspect] Error 1

The influx_inspect command is missing from the two Raspberry pi packages influxdb-client and influxdb

What happened to the command ?

Is there another way to achieve my objective without it ?

As usually happens after posting a problem I think that I have found my problem. I have downloaded the master branch which is 2.0 and not the 1.7 branch. The master branch has virtually no influx_inspect files. The 1.7 branch has a lot more.

Three days compiling down the drain :frowning:

At least I have all the compile dependencies installed for my next attempt :slight_smile: