Can Kettle connect to InfluxDB?

I am using Kettle community version as the ETL tool, need to ingest data from InfluxDB, so does anybody know can Kettle community version connect to InfluxDB, how to set up? Thanks very much.

Hello @joy2024,
Welcome! What are you doing with InfluxDB?
Oooh kettle that’s cool I’ve never heard of that ETL tool before. Can you share some links? I’m not sure I’m using/finding the right one.
Usually to leverage influxdb with an ETL tool we suggest using the python client library and pandas or polars for your transformations.

Hi @Anaisdg

Thanks for your quick response. I am using a ETL tool (Kettle) to pull data from InfluxDB, and then ingest into ClickHouse. So I need to connect InfluxDB in Kettle side. Usually if Kettle want to connect to any Database, it can use JDBC Driver of that database to connect. But looks like I cann’t find there have any JDBC Driver for InfluxDB. Do you know where I can find it? Not sure if Kettle has the JDBC Driver which allow third tool/application use it to connect.

Kettle’s another name is Pentaho Data Integration, it is a very famous open source ETL tool in the world. Below are some link for it. Please reference it.

Data Integration: Ingest, Blend, Orchestrate, and Transform Data (

Pentaho from Hitachi Vantara download |