Best practises to separate test/qa/prod environments

Hey, maybe quite simple question, but still cannot find any information.
Within one organization in influx cloud how can we separate our environments like test/prod?
Should we create just separate buckets? It doesn’t sound really secure…

My two cents.

I usually create 4 different environments: devel, test, staging and production.

Development is where the magic happens.
Testing is a transient environment that only appears on demand. Nothing is ever saved there.

For development and testing, I use local Influx OSS setups in separate VMs. Fully script VM setup and teardown so it’s trivial and easy to start from scratch every time, and no bit rot appears. You can also use Docker containers. If you must use cloud instances (maybe because of enterprise features) triple check they don’t access production data or API calls, otherwise you’ll be in trouble. I use local VMs to test and don’t allow these VMs internet access, for a reason. I mock/stub all API calls in the testing environment. When running tests, you want 100% control of your environment, otherwise your tests are not worth much.

Staging is a 1:1 copy of production, preferably with real production data cloned from production on demand, which gets automatically set up and bootstrapped just like a testing environment to run the full test suite before a new release, just to see if real user data breaks anything.
For staging, use a separate cloud setup with separate authentication (!) and real data (!!), but be careful not to trigger any external actions.

Of course, this applies to software development, where the database is just one component of many. If you “only” run Influx with a few scripts to collect data, you may be fine with simply creating another bucket and authentication (!).