Bucket Creation for Multiple Client

Currently I’m using community edition of influxDB.

We have 2 clients whose data we are managing in influxDB.
We have created 2 buckets for each client. One bucket to store Raw data and second bucket to store processed data. So I have created total 4 buckets.

What should be the ideal design to accommodate new clients in influxDB ?

Do we have to create separate Bucket for each clients ?

Because currently bucket creation limit is 20 for open source influxDB. Is the limit same for enterprise and Cloud edition ?

What should be the ideal Organization and Bucket design for my requirements ?

Hello @kushpatel,
There is a limit for Cloud but I don’t remember what it is (significantly bigger I believe).
I would recommend creating a different measurement for raw and processed data.
Then I would make clients a tag.

You could also make measurements for each client and data type like:
However if you put data in different measurements and want to perform math across the data you’ll have to join the data.

You could also do one bucket for processed and one for raw data. However if you wanna pull processed and raw data together in a query this is harder because you’ll have to perform a join.

The only reason you need to create separate Buckets for each client is if you need to create tokens with restriction to those specific buckets.

Hi @Anaisdg

My requirement is like (Just for an example)

Client - 1
- Sensor-1 (Data Type of Sensor 1 - Temp, Humidity)
- Sensor-2 (Data Type of Sensor 2 - inCount, outCount, totalOccupancy )

Client - 2
- Sensor-1 (Data Type of Sensor 1 - pressure value)
- Sensor-2 (Data Type of Sensor 2 - totalWaterFlow)

Client - 3
- Sensor-1 (Data Type of Sensor 1 - light intensity)
- Sensor-2 (Data Type of Sensor 2 - outside temperature)
- Sensor-3 (Data Type of Sensor 3 - co2)

So currently we have only 2 clients, but in future it may increase. For each client there can be multiple sensors and each sensor will send different type of data.

The reason to generate two different bucket is to differentiate raw and processed data.
As soon as we get data from sensor we directly save it into raw bucket without modifying it and after processing data we save it into another bucket.

And currently I’m creating all these buckets into single organization.

So how can I serve to more client , if my requirement is as above ? Do I need to go for Enterprise edition or Cloud ? Currently I’m using community edition.

As you said we can create separate tag for each client, then how do we manage Sensors of each client ?