Backup and restore data in InfluxDB error

I’m trying to learn how to backup and restore data. I’ve backed up the data from database “test”. Then I dropped the database “test”.

I’m using the control line to restore data:

influxd restore -database test -metadir /Users/chenayu/.influxdb/meta -datadir /Users/chenayu/.influxdb/data /Users/chenayu/Desktop/test_backup

And it showed:

Using metastore snapshot: /Users/chenayu/Desktop/test_backup/meta.00

2020/05/03 01:06:02 Restoring offline from backup /Users/chenayu/Desktop/test_backup/test.*

It seemed that it worked but I cannot find the database “test”. I don’t know what’s really going on. Any suggestion would be helpful. Thank you.

Additionally, the path-to-backup is /Users/chenayu/Desktop/test_backup

Hello @xoxoboyu,
Forgive me if this is a silly question, but what does
show databases show?
What version are you using?

When I use “show databases”, the results are the databases which are created before. But no database named “test” could be found.

The version is v1.7.9.

Thank you.


How did you start InfluxDB after restoring the database?