Authorization Failed [select, write, read]

I am gathering metrics from my servers and putting them into an InfluxDB.
I created a bank called telegraf and a user with GRANTS on it

If I tried select, write or read my bank I have an error

Checking “SHOW GRANTS for …” I can’t see nothing wrong

How can I fix it ?

The only thing that sticks out to me is the username itself is wrapped in double quotes. I don;t normally have to wrap the username in “” when i connect to the cli. Could you try removing the double quotes from the username? I’m not sure if influx is treating the “” as part of the username when you log in

Hy Dear,
unfortunately I have the same result with or without double quotes.
It happens too if I try shell commands like ‘influx -execute “some query”…’

I think I solved my problem setting grants for my user on the influxdb console
I don’t know why it not worked on command line
Now I run my commands line with no error

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