Authentication problem with ConvertTo-Influxdb

I’m collecting thedata from my photovoltaik panels with telegraf, write them into influxdb and visualize them with grafana. Worksall fine. Now i want to write my old data also into the db. I found an interesting script called “ConvertTo-Influxdb” by gschmitz which seems to convert my csv to the influxdb and i would like to try it.
When i run the script i always get the error:
/solar.influx Permission denied

The command is:
ConvertTo-Influx.ps1 -Path /tmp/temperature.csv -Database private > /tmp/temperature.influx

How can I change the command to login with th right user into the db?

normally i get into the db with $influx -username “user” -password “pw” i have created two databases.
i appreciate your help