Permission denied error when trying to write data with influxdbout on a tick batch script

i am using a tick script that reads from influxdb and write back to influxDb with the influxDbOut module.
for some reason i get a permission denied error.
i tried to grant te influxdb user “kapacitor” ALL permissions on my db, and updated the user in the kapacitor.conf, but still, i get a permission denied error.
this is the full error msg:

ts=2018-05-17T08:10:27.289Z lvl=error msg="failed to write points to InfluxDB" service=kapacitor task_master=main task=db_gen_test node=influxdb_out3 err="[shard 222] mkdir /data/influxdb/lib/influxdb/data/Airtel_Data/autogen/222: permission denied"

any ideas of what am i doing wrong ?


found it, was a file system permission issue on the influxdb side.