Arduino TinyGSM Library?

Would it be possible to produce an example of how to upload data using TinyGSM instead of WiFi? It seems the Arduino Library is hard coded for WiFi only.

What “Arduino Library” are we talking about and where do you infer that it is hardcoded with Wifi?

Hi Franky,

This one, I thought it was an “offical” development but apears not. I’ll post on their github.


The library mentioned looks pretty good, but seems to be very intertwined with the Esp Wifi SDK, so that might be more complex to tear apart? Maybe you can at least reuse the influx-line-protocol generator from this library?

I would rather go the other way starting from the TinyGSM library.
The biggest problem might be the HTTPS connection, if that works the rest is easy.
TinyGSM has a HttpsClient, I would start with that.

If this is all too complicated, I would think about using something simpler using a “proxy”. So for example MQTT and/or Telegraf in between.

Hi Frank,

Telegraf looks ideal, I’ll be sending fairly simple data so it shouldn’t be too difficult to write something for sending via UDP.