Any news from IFQL?


My team is very interested by IFQL but, without news on this subject since V0.0.5, I am starting to worry if the project is still on tracks.

Could anybody answer to the followind questions:

  • is the project still on tracks and does it encounter problems ?
  • when a first version will be available to use in production (meaning 1.does at least everything InfluxQL does, 2. deployed on InfluxData, 3. integrated in Grafana) ?
  • how could we follow the developments of IFQL ?


IFQL is active and well, you can follow our progress at the repo here That will give the details of the day to day work. For a more high level overview of the progress expect an update at the latest at InfluxDays London.

As for having a production ready first version, and being able to integrate with the database and Grafana. Those are precisely the specific goals we have as next big milestones, I can’t comment on specific timing, but we are working directly towards that end.

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Thx nathaniel, you can’t even imagine how I am eager to switch to IFQL, it will be a critical part of our full streaming stack.

So, is IFQL going to be the only way to do joins without creating temporary measurements?

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