Anomaly in time series data

how to distinguish between the 2 images in anomaly detection. The right side one is for anomaly detection dashboard.
What about the different icons and what they are indicating in the anomaly detection.

Hello @Debasish,
I’m sorry I’m not sure I quite understand your question.
Are you wanting to tag anomalies with something? So you can more clearly visualize them? Or are you looking for a way to discover anomalies from your data?

Hi Anais,

Thank you for the response.

I have seen the anomaly detection over MAD which was given by you earlier.

My question is that , in the final step what the icons indicates (the dot one, start one, box ) and how to identify the anomaly point on chronograf , I am good in finding the anomaly on Pandas but need to do it on chronograf.

Could you please help me to resolve the issue.




Hi Anasi,

Can you please let me know the Anomaly points on the dashboard.