"All" option in a grafana variabele

In a grafana dashbaord, I want to filter by StorageUnits and then by location. There is an all-option in the StorageUnits, but when this option is clicked, the location variabele gives “all” too. There I want a list with all the different locations? What is wrong in my code?

import “influxdata/influxdb/v1”

bucket: “BUCKET”,
predicate: (r) => (r[“_measurement”] == “counterA”) and ((“${StorageUnits}” == “All”) or contains(value: r[“storage_unit”], set: [“${StorageUnits}”])),tag: “locatie”)
|> distinct(column: “_value”)

Hello @florian.poignie,
What location variable?
Can you share the output of your query and what you want instead?

As you can see, the intension is that when I select “All” in the StorageUnits, all the possible locations appear. Now it’s just the option “All” that appears.
What is the solution for my problem?

Output grafana
Here is an other picture that helps to show what I mean