Alerting AWS lambda function

I’m just getting started with influxdb and kapacitor. I have a js webapp that hooks in to AWS Appsync (graphql) and using subscriptions the frontend can have changes that occur in dynamodb pushed to it without the need for polling.

We’re looking at moving our data to InfluxDB but we’d like to keep the Appsync integration. I’m looking to build a graphql wrapper for influx and i think it should be doable within AWS lambda. I’ll need the ability to call an AWS lambda function with new data in JSON when new data is written to influxdb.


  1. I assume I can use kapacitor for this. At first glance there’s an HTTP post alert type, so I could use this to call AWS Lambda. Is there a better way in Kapacitor for this kind of integration?

  2. Is kapacitor overkill for this? this page says

Subscriptions are primarily used with Kapacitor, but any endpoint able to accept UDP, HTTP, or HTTPS connections can subscribe to InfluxDB and receive a copy of all data as it is written.

So is there any reason I couldn’t just have AWS lambda subscribe directly to influx?