Execute scripts in NotificationsEndpoint

Hi All,

I would like to know if it is possible execute scripts (bash,python…) like a notifications endpoints in Influx2.0.

Anybody knows??

In kapacitor, it was possible to use in alerts, exec() function,it was so useful for me and I realize that I dont have this option anymore using Influx2.0.

The same with email() function, Now i have to install a client, use a task.

These functionalities saved my life trying to notify customs clients specially exec option.

In the future,do you have any perspective to add again??

Thanks so much!!


Hello @nyah,
You could use the http.post() function to trigger a lambda function:

There are a variety of notification endpoint functions though. Here’s the doc on how to send emails with a task.

I’d also suggest commenting on this issue:

Hi Again,

I tried this option but it’s not the same. :pensive:

I wonder to know if it has a option to execute a script (like a output) in an alert with flux using Influx 2.0, executing a http post it’s not enough for me because I can’t have the same functionality.

I can’t migrate all my infrastructure to Influx2.0 if I don’t have the same functionalities like kapacitor has in alert node, for example exec(), email() without install a client,etc :sweat_smile:

Thanks yo much!!

the simple way is install grafana… i try in every setup but not find how to sent mail alert with kapacitor or only mail for influxdb2

In my organisation, we are not allow to sent email using grafana so it’s not a option for me, apart of that, at the end of the day you have to install more applications to do the same you were doing with kapacitor and solve the options removed.