After upgrading to 1.5 and migrating the index to tsi1 influx won't start completely



I’ve upgraded to 1.5 and can’t get past this point. Nothing happens here. When I try to connect to influx CLI, I get this:

Please check your connection settings and ensure 'influxd' is running.```

```ts=2018-03-12T22:56:16.478494Z lvl=info msg="InfluxDB starting" log_id=06o6hWNW000 version=1.5.0 branch=1.5 commit=6ac835404e7e64ea7299a6eebcce1ab1ef15fe3c
ts=2018-03-12T22:56:16.478554Z lvl=info msg="Go runtime" log_id=06o6hWNW000 version=go1.9.2 maxprocs=8
ts=2018-03-12T22:56:16.480736Z lvl=info msg="Using data dir" log_id=06o6hWNW000 service=store path=/var/lib/influxdb/data
ts=2018-03-12T22:56:16.480779Z lvl=info msg="Open store (start)" log_id=06o6hWNW000 service=store trace_id=06o6hWO0000 op_name=tsdb_open op_event=start```