Adding Hosts in telegraf

I want to know how we can add hosts in telegraf
Thank you

Can you explain what you’re trying to do? Adding hosts depends on the plugin and usually happens in the config file.

i’m using snmp as a plugin , yes i know that adding hosts happens in the config file but i want to know if there another solution to do that ,also plz can you tell me how we can list machine connected and unconnected if there is a plugin to do that

The only way to add hosts is through the config file.

What do you mean by machines connected (i.e., number of unique hosts, IP addresses, etc)?

if we have a lot of machines and we want to show the status of all this machines how we can do it

It really depends on what kind of network you have and what kind of information you want about those machines. For example, if you had SNMP data, you could the SNMP plugin.

Maybe it would be helpful to look through the plugins available and see if one of them fits your needs.