Monitoring an application running on several servers

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I explain the configuration :

1- I have an application wich is running on several servers.
2-This application provides a MIB with a lot of informations.
3-I want to collect informations from each instance (one per server) of that application using SNMP (via SNMP plugin).

Is it possible to realize this with only one telegraf agent ?
If not, is it possible to realize this with severals telegraf agents ?

Thank you very much !

You should be able to do this with one or many Telegraf agents. You could have a single Telegraf with either multiple snmp plugins or multiple agents defined. It would also be possible to run a Telegraf instance on the host with the SNMP server that collects all stats for the server.

  agents = ["host1:161", "host2:161"]
  ... snip ...

  ... snip ...
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Thank you very much for the answer.
My understanding is better now, I will try soon but Iā€™m pretty sure you gave me the solution.
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