Accessing Chronograf (localhost:8888) from other machines in network


I’m new to this, so please go easy on me - especially if this is a knucklehead question.

I recently downloaded and installed InfluxDB, Telegraf, and Chronograf on my local computer, which is a Windows machine, and everything is running fine.
I’m using influx to store and visualize performance test results (from LoadRunner) and would like other members of my team to be able to access Chronograf running on my machine. At this point there’s no need to set up authentication, but I’m not sure what url to share with my team so that view Chronograf from their browsers.

I access Chronograf from my local machine by using the default host and port and hitting http://localhost:8888.
Should other folks in the same LAN be able to access the Chronograf that I have running on my machine, and if so, how should I modify the url so they can access it?
I’ve tried replacing localhost with my IP address, but when I do that I’m not able to access Chronograf even from my own machine - I just see a message that says “Hello from Connect!”.

Thanks in advance for the help,


What happens if you leave your IP as it is (localhost) and then your colleage browses to your machines IP?

so they would be looking for

T’is how i’ve done it in the past.


Thanks for your response.

When I use the IP address of the machine from where Chronograf is running ( from another machine, I get a page pack with a message saying “Hello from Connect!” - and that’s all that’s displayed.

I wanted to check with my network team before answering in case there was some network issue, but they just said that this is “just what is being returned from the port” - not much help.

Has anyone else seen this?


Strange, I’ve just installed the latest chronograf on a test box and can browse to it via IP from my laptop and mobile phone. Haven’t got anyone available to check it from their work machine to double check.

Although, i never noticed the part about a windows machine. could there be someone Windows FW rule blocking it or redirecting it else where? I run everything on Ubuntu so might not be best placed to help with Windows related issues. Are any other servers/machines/services using port 8888?

Hello From Connect sounds like something to do with this - Not sure if that is included as a package in Chronograf or not.

Looking at the installation instructions there shouldn’t be anything to change. It should install and work. Sorry i can’t be more helpful.


On my ubuntu I just checked /usr/bin/chronograf with strings and a couple of grep’s:
strings /usr/bin/chronograf | grep -i hello | grep -i connect
and that did not reveal the message "Hello from Connect!"

Are you sure that it is a reply from chronograf?
Try: lsof -i :8888 to check that it is cronograf that is listening on the port
Do you have any local firewall/iptables/…?

What OS and what chronograf versions are involved?


Thanks for your replies philb and poul.

I was able to confirm that Chronograf was listening on port 8888, so that part looked ok.

Ultimately, I found a post suggesting the use of port 10000 to be used when access is needed from other machines, and that worked.

I’m now running Chronograf with the following command:
chronograf --port=10000
Doing this, I’m able to access Chronograf from other machines hitting http://{IP}:10000.

I’m still not sure what the issue is with my port 8888, but I think you’re probably right is suspecting something with the local firewalls.

Thanks again for you timely responses.

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