About Writing Datas

Hello everyone,

I have one problem that is about writing databases. I have windows machine and installed telegraf on that machine. Telegraf is working and there is no problem with telegraf that is configured with InfluxDB. The data is demonstrated namely in InfluxDB but I can not see any graphics, figures about that knowledge. Here is the screenshot of that problem;

How can I demonstrate my datas ?

Thank you in advance,


Hello @Sergen,
It’s possible that you need to select data for another time range.
If you see the SUBMIT button on the bottom right two blocks to the left of it is the range selector.
Can you please check when the last point was written to InfluxDB and your range includes that time?
Additionally it’s worth noting that the Query Builder automatically applies an aggregateWindow() function to more efficiently query large durations of data.

To remove it navigate to the Script Editor and comment out with // or delete it.

Hello @Anaisdg ,

I got some information after 3 hours I created. My friend has setup our InfluxDB and it was installed GMT 0 time range, my time range is GMT +3 that is why I could not get quickly.

Thanks a lot for your answer and when I got some errors about InfluxDB, i will take into consider your comments for my next working.

BR, Sergen