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InfluxDB IOx (pronounced InfluxDB “eye-ox”) is InfluxData’s new time series storage engine. InfluxDB IOx aims to be:

  • The future core of InfluxDB; supporting industry standard SQL, InfluxQL, and Flux
  • An in-memory columnar store using object storage for persistence
  • A fast analytic database for structured and semi-structured events (like logs and tracing data)
  • A system for defining replication (synchronous, asynchronous, push and pull) and partitioning rules for InfluxDB time series data and tabular analytics data
  • A system supporting real-time subscriptions
  • A processor that can transform and do arbitrary computation on time series and event data as it arrives
  • An analytic database built for data science, supporting Apache Arrow Flight for fast data transfer

To learn more about the project:

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