403 Forbidden: User is inactive when create user

Command: influx user create -n root -o test-com

Return: Error: failed to lookup org with name “test-com”: 403 Forbidden: User is inactive

Create a user in InfluxDB | InfluxDB OSS 2.3 Documentation

Why? Thx for feedback(s)…

Regards, Hans

Same with that commmand:

root@xili:~# influx user list
Error: failed to list users: 403 Forbidden: User is inactive



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I deleted it before with " ```
influx user delete -i

Is it REALLY delete or just inactive?

Hello @ugvsffzawv,

The influx user delete command deletes users from InfluxDB OSS 2.x , but does not delete users from InfluxDB Cloud . For information about removing a user from your InfluxDB Cloud organization, see

Are you using OSS?
Then it will delete it.

I’m surprised you can see the status with influx users list, I only get the following:

ID			Name
09acee5bf5042000	Anais
09d4b1cc89df7000	johndoe
09d4b1f40cdf7000	johndoe1

I only see the status when I use influx org members list and I get:

ID			Name		User Type	Status
09d4b1cc89df7000	johndoe		member		active
09d4b1f40cdf7000	johndoe1	member		active

So it does look like the master member isn’t considered a member but the main user.

I can see how you’re getting the Error: failed to list users but not the rest of the error message. That error doesn’t exist anywhere in the code.
There’s only: influx-cli/user.go at adc58b844139e39541f840974ee88b898d00f6ad · influxdata/influx-cli · GitHub

I have no problems deleting my members either.

What version of InfluxDB and CLI are you using?
Maybe try upgrading your CLI?

Yes, i’m using the OSS version. Now i’ve done a reinstallation - will look it will solve the problem or not.

Best regards, Hans