200 ok but CREATE DATABASE doesn't not implemented

I have a telegraf and influxdb and in influxdb I defined admin user and telegraflogin uses.

   urls = [""]
   database = "jitsi"
   timeout = "0s"
   username = "telegraflogin"
   password = "mypasswd"

Also I have the following configuration in my “data source” for influxdb:

Query language is influxQL and URL is:
But when I restart my telegraf I get the following message:

2023-12-30T09:10:04.316331-05:00 meet telegraf[16972]: 2023-12-30T14:10:04Z W! [outputs.influxdb] When writing to []: database "jitsi" creation failed: 200 OK: not implemented: CREATE DATABASE

My user is admin, even I delete “basic authentication” and When I delete this, I get a error from influxdb.

How can I solve it?

combination of v1 and v2 was my problem, I solved it.