Write data with timestamp exceed now()


I need some help.
I have a test database. When i write new value like this:
write: cpu_usage_total value=2
And query select * from cpu_usage_total i got 1499815493 is the timestamp that value 2 have been written.
Then I try to write another with timestamp 1499815593 that exceed the now().
write: cpu_usage_total value = 3 1499815493000000000
But when i query select * from cpu_usage_total again, there isn’t this value 3 that show up. I just got only value=2.
Is it possible to get all of data even when that data have timestamp exceed now()??


Specify the upper time bound in your query, e.g. WHERE time > now() - 5m AND time < now() + 5m.


thank you so much, I got it.

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