Wrapping my head around field keys/values vs tag keys/values

I am learning influx here, and only have a little experience with SQL. I realize that this is a time series database which seems exaclty like what I want. I have a ton of temperature sensors for instance that I want to keep track of and graph.

But it is like I have 3 different temperature sensor poitns, each with 63 sensing points. In my flat data it looks like:

temp0_0 = 2.31
temp0_1 = 1.29

temp0_63 = 9.29
temp1_0 = 9.313

I am thinking I want these to be tag keys/values? Can I skip setting field/keys values I know (or think I did) read that you can go the other way, and skip tags … just curious. Wrapping my head around all this to get data from my sensors into influx so I can mostly graph it easily…and then maybe have other graphs that are queries on it.

Hello @codejoy ,
Welcome! Thanks for giving InfluxDB a try :slight_smile:
Usually temperature data would be a field and something like sensor name or id would be a tag. You can’t skip setting field/key values. You can skip setting tag values.
This resource might be useful to you.