Are field keys indexed?

Hello everyone,
I hope I dont ask a question here that is clearly answered in the docs.
As far as I understand only field values aren’t indexed. But field keys are?

I just have simple data with timestamp, sensor id and value.
I can either store the sensor id as a tag value (e.g. “TI-44”) and the value as a field value (e.g. 10.0). But then every line would have the same tag key (“sensor_id”) as well as the same field key (“value”).

Or I could store the sensor id in the _field column and the sensor value in the _value column and just dont have any tags.
I usually have to sort and group by sensor_id
Would this have the same query performance? It would probably definitely save me storage, right?

Btw. I really like Influx so far. The replication just works so seamless and I love that I can also store e.g. Strings as values

Hello @bndcts,
I’m glad you like EDR! Agreed it’s a cool feature.

Hmm I think I would store the sensor_id as a tag value. That tag value being the same is expected behavior/schema design.