Working with Pre-Aggregated Data in InfluxDB/Grafana

I have a data series that is only available in a pre-aggregated form where I have a value for each hourly time window. It represents the kWh consumed by a heater. Example below:

0000-0100, 9.8
0100-0200, 3.4
0800-0900, 1.3
0900-1000, 0.7
2300-0000, 1.2

I would like to record store this data in InfluxDB so it can be plotted in Grafana as a bar chart over different time periods so show the kWh consumed hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc.

My initial thought it to store a data point in InfluxDB using the timestamp for the end time of the window, and the value itself. E.g.

(0100, 9.8)
(0200, 3.4)

Is this the “best” approach, or is there another way?

That sounds good to me. Simple is usually best.