Windows Telegraf as service with remote config?

Dear all, I’m new to influx & telegraf

I’ve understood and tested how to create a service in Windows.
.\telegraf.exe --service install --config “C:\Program Files\InfluxData\telegraf\telegraf.conf”

I’ve understood and tested how run telegraf with a remote config.
telegraf --config http://IP:8086/api/v2/telegrafs/08f1ae5072379XXX

My Question: Can I create a service with a remote config? My goal is to have the chance to change the config for a bunch of workstations at one point without touching the workstations.

Thanks a lot - Matthias

Yes, however, you will still need to restart the service if/when the configuration changes as the telegraf configuration is currently only read at start, and not re-read. Telegraf reloads URL-based/remote config on a specified interval · Issue #8730 · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub would need to be resolved before you could never have to touch the system.

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Exactly what @jpowers said, as a workaround to reload the config you can restart the service on a schedule using Task Scheduler, or even via telegraf itself (by executing a cmd command using the exec plugin)

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