Win_perf_counter not respecting tags?

Because Windows performance counters for NetworkAdapter only shows the adapter name, not the friendly name, I’m looking to tag some of my win_perf_counters for easier filtering in Grafana/Chronograf. For example:

[[ inputs.win_perf_counters ]]
    [[inputs.win_perf_counters.tags ]]
      nic = "vm-traffic-01"

     Instances = [ "broadcom bcm57810 netxtreme ii 10 gige [ndis vbd client] _47" ]
     Counters = [ "Bytes Received/sec", "Bytes Sent/sec", "Current Bandwidth", "Output Queue Length" ]
     ObjectName = "Network Adapter"
     Measurement = "winperf_networkadapter"

However, here’s an example of one of lines generated by running kapacitor with --test:

> winperf_networkadapter,instance=microsoft\ network\ adapter\ multiplexor\ driver\ _3,objectname=Network\ Adapter,host=
redacted Current_Bandwidth=2000000000 1507235215000000000

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or misunderstanding here?

You just need to use single brackets:

[[ inputs.win_perf_counters ]]
      nic = "vm-traffic-01"

Thanks for that. One day I’ll get my head around TOML…