Will the Procstat input plugin prevent the empty entry of data into influxDB if the process is no more live

Hi All,

Telegarf version-1.12.2(Windows64bit)
OS-Windows2016 Server

1.I am collecting the data into influxDB with the help of “win_service” method of our process “Pharmasuite_AI_Server” below configuration

Monitor process cpu and memory usage


PID file to monitor process

pid_file = “/var/run/nginx.pid”

executable name (ie, pgrep )

 ##exe = "wrapper"

pattern as argument for pgrep (ie, pgrep -f )

pattern = “nginx”

user as argument for pgrep (ie, pgrep -u )

user = “nginx”

Systemd unit name

systemd_unit = “nginx.service”

CGroup name or path

cgroup = “systemd/system.slice/nginx.service”

Windows service name

win_service = “PharmaSuite_AI_Server”
##win_service = “PharmaSuite_EBR_Server”
##win_service = “PharmaSuite_OE_Server”

win_service = “PharmaSuite_TOM_Server”

win_service = “PharmaSuite_Transition_Server”

override for process_name

This is optional; default is sourced from /proc//status

process_name = “bar”

Field name prefix

prefix = “”

When true add the full cmdline as a tag.

cmdline_tag = false

Add PID as a tag instead of a field; useful to differentiate between

processes whose tags are otherwise the same. Can create a large number

of series, use judiciously.

 ##pid_tag = true 

Method to use when finding process IDs. Can be one of ‘pgrep’, or

‘native’. The pgrep finder calls the pgrep executable in the PATH while

the native finder performs the search directly in a manor dependent on the

platform. Default is ‘pgrep’

 pid_finder = "native"
 name_override = "procstat"

2.Process “PharmaSuite-AI-Server” stopped

3.i am getting field value blank for “PharmaSuite-AI-Server” process into influxDB

how we can prevent the this type of entry into influxDB?

This seems like it might be an issue with the procstat plugin. You can try using the win_perf_counters plugin for Telegraf, which is a little more mature in the Windows environment. You can also open a GitHub issue for the procstat plugin.